Carolina Clutch

Carolina Clutch

Founded in 1999 by Tom Haus, Carolina Clutch has been servicing the Automotive Aftermarket community for over 15 years. Tom has over 30 of experience in the automotive transmission and clutch industry. Carolina Clutch located in Belmont, NC USA specializes in supplying both original and stock replacement clutch kits from top brands such as ACT, LuK, Exedy and RPS Performance Products, Inc. With a vast knowledge in the clutch parts and clutch kit industry, Carolina Clutch also provides a wide range of race ready clutch kits and stock replacement flywheels including dual mass flywheels by original equipment manufacturer LuK.

Carolina Clutch is a distributor / retailer of high quality automotive clutches and clutch kits. Their main suppliers are ACT, LuK, Exedy and RPS Performance Products. Up until recently these companies supplied Carolina Clutch with AAIA (Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association) compliant data for his web site. In December of 2012 AAIA retired the Legacy version of their database and replaced it with the comprehensive ACES (AAIA Catalog Enhanced Standard) database schema.

This required a completely new back-end system to import and handle the ACES data as well as a web site that was robust enough to not only handle the amount of data but provide an end user experience second to none.

The Cartanium Approach

Carolina Clutch turned to the Cartanium & Auto PlusXP team to create an online auto parts store that would:

  • Help drive traffic with ‘organic’ search results
  • Work seamlessly with their large AAIA-based product catalogue
  • Reduce support calls by helping the customer find the exact part for their vehicle
  • Perform faster and look more modern than their current website

Their new site uses all their well-crafted content and meta-tags, launched with a fresh logo and brand. We knew we were on the right track when they told us their support calls were way down, and when we saw their traffic slowly but steadily climbing over the previous year.

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Clutch History

ACT or Advanced Clutch Technology, Inc., since 1994, has specialized in performance clutches and flywheels for the sport compact, domestic and diesel truck markets. ACT’s focus on customer service, quality and performance has earned it an unparalleled reputation in the aftermarket industry. It is for this reason Carolina Clutch turns to ACT for top quality parts, performance and warranty. Founded in 1923 in Japan, Exedy is known throughout the world for manufacturing and supplying quality powertrain products. Since 1988 Exedy USA has manufactured top quality clutch and clutch components right here in the USA. Exedy is known as the undisputed world leader in sport performance and racing clutches.

As a technology leader in the clutch industry, LuK can look back on a legacy of having developed many groundbreaking innovations: In 1965, LuK was the first company in Europe to market a diaphragm spring clutch, and in 1985 it launched the first dual mass flywheel. Located in Chatsworth, CA USA, RPS Performance Clutches prides itself in manufacturing the must have RPS carbon fiber clutch kits saught after by the owners of the fastest cars in the world. Known for their Street Twin and Billet Cover Series, RPS is second to none in the performance clutch industry.