TechChoice Parts

TechChoice Parts Distributors is located in Midlothian, TX USA. Opening their doors in 2003 their initial goal was to rebuild A/C Compressors for companies such as SPI, Four Seasons, Universal Air Conditioning (UAC) and Omega Environmental. As a former business executive with a national air conditioning parts manufacturer, the current owner, Dale Miller, felt there was a competitive advantage in establishing a rebuilding operation in the Midlothian, Texas Area. Why? Many retailers are not the builder and Texas is the hot bed for automotive air conditioning parts and accessories. This means that when a consumer needs a remanufactured compressor, it makes sense that third-party retail companies would charge the customer more than if they could buy direct. At TechChoice, the consumer can buy directly from the builder.

Through strategic alliances with various automotive parts manufacturers, opportunities arose to expand the market share of TechChoice through the distribution of new HVAC parts. These include quality A/C compressors, A/C condensers, filter driers, expansion devices, cooling fans, radiators, and much more. With that, TechChoice was on its path to rapid growth.

In 2005, TechChoice established its first online ecommerce shopping cart presence. As a competitive seller of many new and remanufactured product lines, ecommerce seemed a worthwhile venture. However, adding these new product lines created difficult challenges with catalog data management. It quickly became apparent that running this type of business through MS Excel sheets and QuickBooks was not the most efficient way to handle an in-depth automotive catalog, inventory control, payables, receivables, etc… you get the idea! TechChoice Parts Distributors turned to the Auto PlusXP software system to not only manage all of their AAIA Legacy data but to also data drive their new automotive shopping cart. We now manage our online catalog data with the new Auto Plus system as it is fully ACES and PIES compliant.

The Cartanium Approach

TechChoice Parts Distributors turned to the Cartanium & Auto PlusXP team to create an online auto parts store that would:

  • Help drive traffic with ‘organic’ search results
  • Work seamlessly with their large AAIA-based product catalogue
  • Reduce support calls by helping the customer find the exact part for their vehicle
  • Perform faster and look more modern than their current website

Their new site uses all their well-crafted content and meta-tags, launched with a fresh logo and brand. We knew we were on the right track when they told us their support calls were way down, and when we saw their traffic slowly but steadily climbing over the previous year.

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Air Conditioner Background

Universal Air Conditioner (UAC) was founded in 1988 with one objective: to provide and distribute quality automotive air conditioning parts at reasonable prices. UAC has worked diligently to establish distributors in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia

Located in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada, Spectra Premium Industries is a privately held manufacturing and distribution company. Specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of automotive radiators, heaters, A/C condensers, A/C compressors, A/C evaporator cores, A/C accumulators and more.

Four Seasons, a division of Standard Motor Products, Inc., manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of replacement mobile climate control products. These automotive products include but are not limited to A/C compressors, accumulators, driers, hose assemblies and expansion valves.