Auto Plus

Auto Plus is an inventory cataloging software tool for automotive manufactures, distributors and retailers. Fully AAIA compliant to ACES and PIES standards, customers enjoy creating, importing and export ACES and PIES XML files.

With Auto Plus users manage part numbers, multiple descriptions, unlimited images per part number, interchange numbers, up sale numbers, HTML notes, alternate items, ACES brand IDs, VCdb or Vehicle Configuration Database entries and more. With Auto Plus, catalog managers can also validate PCdb or product categorization database entries which are unlimited per part number.

Fully compliant with the Cartanium eCommerce Automotive Shopping Cart solution, Auto Plus users have seamless integration to their ecommerce web sites.

Auto Plus is built utilizing the latest technologies from Microsoft in Visual Studio.NET and MS SQL Server. Your database is securely housed under your own roof or hosted server of your choice. Nothing has been held back in the development of the Auto Plus system when it comes to the AAIA ACES schema. Users can validate their part numbers to any attribute managed in the ACES VCdb (Vehicle Configuration Database) from any of the over 50 vehicle attributes.