How can I be confident of the quality and reliability?

Our developers are dedicated to producing quality code. New features and bug fixes go through a testing process to make sure they don’t break anything. Your website will also be tested on different web browsers to make sure it looks right.

Your Cartanium site seamlessly integrates with your Auto Plus software, and is custom designed to your wants and needs. Our developers and support staff are responsive to your questions, so we can clear up issues quickly.

Will we need to have a face to face meeting to discuss the website design?

No. Most of the time, a meeting isn't necessary and the work is completed using discussions over phone and email. We upload your work to private websites that only clients can access. We then work with you to discuss the site and review changes. The site isn't made available to the public until it looks and works exactly as you wish.

What is the timeline?

We can usually complete a project within 2-5 months, depending on the complexity of the customizations needed and how many projects we currently have in progress.

Will my website look the same as the others you have done?

No. Each and every business in unique, so we design your website based upon that.

How much will the website cost me?

The cost of a website will depend on the complexity. Contact us here to request a free quote!

Will you register a domain name and set up an email for us?


I have really specific shipping requirements. Do I have to remain with the shipping couriers you've already built in?

Not at all. We can quickly create a custom shipping rate if your needs are simple, and we can also incorporate support small regional carriers. Cartanium currently supports:

  • FedEx
  • OnTrac
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Flat rate
  • Scaling rate based on package weight
  • Scaling rate based on order cost

These can all be customized for the customer’s location and account type, the package’s weight or value, the time of day, etc.
If you need us to integrate another shipping method, please contact us

Where will my images and content come from?

You know your business best. We ask that you provide all images, content and any electronic files to us.

Can we edit our own website after completion?

Anything you can edit from Auto Plus will appear on your store: inventory, categories, and manufacturers, home page content, and featured items. We will be adding the ability to create new pages and edit portions of existing pages shortly.

I have a specific feature I need built into the website. Can you build it?

Absolutely! We customize every website for our clients’ needs, and we really enjoy creating new features. Some customizations may not be part of the base package, but we’ll be up-front with you about that.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. After we discuss your needs, we’ll tell you exactly what is in the base cost and what will need custom development.

Do you redesign existing websites?

Every website design is different, we will take the elements you enjoy from your existing website and incorporate them into the new design. This preserves the brand recognition you’ve built up over the years.

Does your site support mobile browsing?

Mobile accounts for a large and growing portion of your audience, so we've incorporated it into our newer website packages.

Will my website be search engine friendly?

Yes. Absolutely. Although there are no guarantees of organic SEO success, we give you all of the tools to succeed. The Cartanium Automotive Online eCommerce Shopping Cart contains SEO friendly features such as URL re-write , complete click through hyperlinks between all MMY, category, sub category and part type, up-sale items, alternate items and more.

This way the search engine spiders crawl every nook and cranny of your site. Good SEO starts with good content. All Cartanium customers use the Auto Plus system to create, import, edit and manage their inventory catalog data. The Auto Plus automotive software program dynamically generates all SEO fields from the data being managed and syncs those SEO fields for title tag, url, description, keyword and image tags to your web pages.

What if I don’t want to use Auto Plus?

Cartanium is designed specially for Auto Plus by River’s Edge Inc, and we don’t currently have plans to support any other software.

How can I accept payments from my customers?

We’ve already built support for:

  • Credit card payments through Authorize.net
  • PayPal payments
  • Ordering on account, for Auto Plus customers marked as ‘Open Account’
  • Arranging payment later, over the phone or in-person
  • Sending credit card details via secure email for internal processing

If you need us to integrate another payment method, please contact us

What kind of training would we need?

We provide multiple in-depth phone meetings to walk you through your website.

Is there a way I can track visitors to my site?

Yes. Google Analytics support is built in and we can easily add support for your favorite analytics service.

The site you’ve built for me does not look the same in Internet Explorer. Why not?

We test our websites to make sure they work on all modern browsers. Older browsers such as Internet Explorer 8 might not support all the features and graphics on your website, but the user’s experience will be roughly the same. We don’t support extremely old browsers such as Internet Explorer 7, as the dwindling number of users does not justify the time expense required to create fixes for all the bugs in these browsers.