Automotive Shopping Cart Web Order Import

When you are getting a few orders a week it makes sense to simply receive a web order email or log onto your admin portal and print a copy. From there you enter the web order using your sales order entry or accounting software.

The problem begins when you start doing 30, 40, 50 web orders a day. Not only is this time consuming for someone at the company sitting behind a computer key punching all of this data in but it takes time away from other tasks.

We all get busy with phone calls, customers coming into the shop and things just bogging us down. By the time we get around to entering those web orders from yesterday it has been well over 12 hours from point of cart entry. The quantity you had on hand at the time the order was checked out of cart was enough to satisfy the order. However you have been selling parts all morning long to retail and wholesale customers. By the time you get around to entering the web orders into your inventory control / sales order entry system you are already negative QOH and now the part is on back order.

With an automotive shopping cart by Cartanium and Auto Plus on the back end this issue becomes a thing of the past. Inventory quantities on hand will never again be out of balance. Auto Plus downloads and imports all web orders from Cartanium in real time. Auto Plus then creates picking tickets for each order 24 hours a day so your inventory quantities on hand are always accurate.


  • Search Engine Optimized

    Cartanium takes the data you've created in Auto Plus and creates pages that are easy for search engines to understand and discover.

  • Friendly URLs

    Your product name is displayed clearly in the URL, giving the user confidence that they’re at the right spot. Read more...

  • Advanced Web Analytics

    Cartanium connects with Google Analytics to give you deep insights into where your visitors are coming from, what they see on your site, and whether they make a purchase.

  • Descriptive Breadcrumbs

    At the top of most pages is a ‘breadcrumb trail’ that orients your user to their place in the website. These links also help search engines find all your pages.


  • Reports/Support Tickets
    • 24/7 online reporting
    • 24hr response time during business hours
    • Debugging and Diagnostics
    • Toll free number 888-231-8801
  • Personalized Support

    Cartanium takes support seriously. We have a main point of contact that assesses concerns.


  • Vehicle Garage Management (Unlimited)

    As you search for an application using the dropdown navigation you can add the vehicle lookup to your garage. You can also add a vehicle to your garage when browsing part numbers and viewing the vehicles tab. Read more...

  • Make Sure Your Part Fits

    Many customers complain about having a high number of returns due to the wrong part being added to the checkout. This happens as most sites do not have a way to validate the application. Read more...

  • Unique Pages For Every MMY Combination for Every Part Number

    One of the frustrations for many automotive shopping cart data managers is the fact that in the automotive world most part numbers fit many vehicles. It is nearly impossible to list all of the applications a part number fits. Read more...

  • Single Page Checkout

    Spending time on a site filtering your vehicle, categories and making sure all of the items you need to complete your job takes time. Having to spend minutes going through a multiple page checkout is frustrating to say the least. All Cartanium sites have a single page checkout. From your first-time customer to your returning customer, the checkout process is fast and painless.

  • Four Levels of Categorization

    Most ecommerce shopping carts have two levels of categorization. Some carts even have more. Cartanium sites adhere to the AAIA ACES PCdb (Parts Categorization Database) structure. This is Category, Subcategory, Part Type, and Position.

  • Advanced Customer Account Login

    Customer login allows users to view orders, speed up checkout times by filling in all bill-to and ship-to details. Customers can also login to receive special pricing as set up by the automotive shopping cart owner via Auto Plus.

  • Unlimited Part Images

    Many shopping carts offer many images per part number. Using the Auto Plus software to manage the automotive inventory catalog images are easily organized in galleries and associated to part numbers. Customers can also manage image titles and roll-over captions.

  • Unlimited Part Categorization

    Each part number as managed in the Auto Plus system can be associated to unlimited combinations of category, subcategory, part types, and positions. This means that you can have something you have always wanted: have your part number show up in multiple categories.

  • Part Number, Vehicle & Keyword Search

    One field on every page of your site allows your customers to enter search criteria to query data by part number, interchange number, vehicle application and keywords.

  • AAIA (Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association) ACES VCdb and PCdb Compliant

    Having the ability to search for a part using make, model, year, liter etc is nothing new. Being able to have all of your application data validated to the ACES industry standard is. Unlimited possibilities for full VCdb group and attribute searching. Read more...

  • Web Order Import

    For customers who either have a high number of web orders per day or simply do not want to enter the shopping cart orders into their ERP system manually, opt for the this module. Read more...

  • Shipping Quote Services
    • USPS
    • FedEx (online quote and local database for customization and/or speed)
    • UPS
    • OnTrac (western US courier)
    • Custom rate card
    • If you need us to integrate another shipping method, please contact us
  • Payment Types
    • integration (using their fraud protection)
    • PayPal integration
    • Arrange by phone
    • Optional secure email with credit card information
    • If you need us to integrate another payment method, please contact us


  • HTML 5 Friendly

    We use state-of-the-art HTML 5 and CSS 3 techniques that give you a clean-cut and polished layout while not sacrificing speed and must-have features.

  • Personalized Design

    Your customized design is applied to our eCommerce Automotive Shopping Cart solution to meet any and all of your specific needs.



    We build our websites using ASP.NET MVC, a modern and robust web application framework from Microsoft. This results in fast page loads, well-tested code, well-built pages, and quick customization.

  • Microsoft Web Hosting Stack

    Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server, and Internet Information Services (IIS) work together to create a secure, reliable, and well-supported hosting environment for your site. This means that you can trust that your site will keep working, day in, day out.